Camera for sale – Pentax K200D with 2 zoom lenses

For anyone who is taking Photo 2 next semester, or just anyone that wants a good camera, I’m selling my DSLR since I just upgraded.

The camera is a Pentax K200D. It’s a 10.2 megapixel DSLR camera. The good thing about Pentax cameras is that if you want, you can use any lens they’ve ever made on this camera, even old manual focus ones. Of course the older lenses won’t be automatic, but they can be fun to use. The camera is in very good condition, with just a small scratch on the LCD screen on the back. This camera also runs on AA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about any special battery for it. If you’re not familiar with Pentax brand, the Nikon equivalent of this camera would be a D80. It’s a pretty well respected mid-range camera.

I’m also including a Pentax D-BG3 battery grip. This grip also uses AA batteries, and doubles the number of pictures you can take before replacing the batteries. It also allows for easy vertical shooting.

The lenses are: Pentax DA L 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 and Pentax DA L 50-200mm f/4-5.6. Both of them are almost brand new and in perfect condition. Between these two lenses, you have everything from wide-angle to long telephoto covered.

I’ll also throw in a PNY 8GB SD card for storage.

Please excuse the lopsided photo. Hopefully I’m not getting graded on that! 🙂

I’m asking $450 for everything. If you’re interested, you can email me at

-Don Carpenter


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