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How to take the best portraits

portrait-slow-sync-flashportrait-high-perspective.jpg  For ongoing photographers  and newbies. we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves. Throughout this list is tips on how to create a well done portrait and different techniques that might be worth trying.



  1. Change your perspective: taking photos at the same angles all the time can get boring
  2. Eye contact: The change in eye contact and where your subject is looking can change the impression of the photo.
  3.  Break the composition rules: According to its good to know what composition is but breaking the rules can create awesome photos.
  4.  Lighting! Switch up the lighting to create cool effects
  5.  Move your Subject:  Sometime getting your subject out of their comfort zone can help with showing their personality through the photo.




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Steve McCurry



Steve McCurry is labeled as one of the top photographers in 2017. He is known for his photojournalism primarily. His most famous photo was taken in 1984 called Afghan girl.


McCurry attended Penn state starting out studying film but ended up getting a degree in theatre arts in 1974.  His most famous photo was really the lift off to his career in photography. He has received many rewards throughout his career such as  Honorary Fellowship in 2005 and 2006. The last award he received was in 2014 and it was the Photography Appreciation Award.

Most of his work can be found in online galleries such as


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Wave Photography Tips


Wave Photography can be difficult to achieve but with the right tools and techniques, beautiful photos can be made.


1. Invest in a good and sturdy tripod.

2. Use Graduated ND filter to balance the exposure between sky and foreground.

3. Put safety first. Waves are unpredictable.

4. Experiment and try different shutter speeds to find which works the best.

5. Always bring a cleaning cloth to clean sea spray off your lens and filter.

to achieve a good picture of a wave

According to there are many different techniques even for different weather conditions. Different photographers with experience in this field give their tips.

Giovanna says:

1. Perseverance is the key to success. Nothing is going to happen magically by itself.

2. Take your time and carefully watch what’s going on around you before tripping the shutter.

3. When photographing waves from a short distance one has to pay attention to the motion of the waves and predict where the spray is going.







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