Chloe Aftel

Chloe Aftel, 1980, USA, studied Cinema and received an MFA at the University of Southern California, but got into the photography business. She is an editorial and portrait photographer with a keen sense for style and fashion. She also shoots a lot of her photography on polaroid. Her poetic, lifestyle minded and narrative images are full of life and have a sense of freedom. The following images come from the portfolio’s Lifestyle, Familiar Faces and Fashion.

I chose Chloe Aftel because I like photographers that take pictures with colors like this. I like the “blown-out” colors. I like this particular photo to the right because it reminds me of Katy Perry’s music video. I found it interesting because she takes her photos on a Polaroid.




I also like her photos because they seem very retro. Photos like these interest me because I would like to try to take photos like this one day.






By: Kristina Carroll


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