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Hinton Photography

I chose this photographer because he is a co-worker of mine, and I personally love his work.

IMG_8513 I love this photo because it’s taken in Rehoboth, and that is honestly my least favorite beach around, but this photo actually makes it look beautiful to me, plus the girl was another coworker of mine.IMG_4472

I like this shot, because when Jay was speaking to me about his portrait packages, this one was under Hello Gorgeous. He took a softball player and basically turned her into this. Most people don’t see softball players looking girly, so I liked how this gave us another side to her personality.

IMG_7363I like this one just because I like the coloring of it. I think the blue of the ocean and the sky contrast very well against the subject.


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Astronomical Photography

One thing that I personally have always been fascinated with is space. So this topic for me was actually really fun to look for photos for and talk about. The problem for us when it comes to this style if that we ourselves really can’t get the same photographs as the ones that are posted on this blog, at least not without a telescope worth millions upon millions of dollars. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the results of the photos that have already been taken.





The photos above were all taken from the many telescopes that are orbiting around Earth. While there really is no technique to obtaining photographs like this, they are important in a different way. Due to these telescopes and these photographs, we as humans have been able to learn so much about the universe. Without these telescopes or photography in general, we would never have been able to see these beautiful sights. The great thing about there not being a technique on how to shoot photos like this is that it means that it really can’t be staged and provides a natural look at what is outside of Earth. There are no camera tricks here, these sights actually exist naturally and because of photography we can see at our own will, what people thousands of years ago would never believe.

The following link can provide you with a brief look into the history of astronomical photography from when it began until the more recent years:

Seth Shockley



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Beautiful Nature

I really enjoy looking at nature photographs. Some of the best photographs that I have seen are of nature. I believe that nature photographers take advantage of their surroundings and utilize the beauty around them to take incredible photographs. Nature photographs are both fun and beautiful and no matter the angle of the shot you get an amazing photograph.

dew drops

This is a photograph of dew droplets in the early morning. This was taken by Nature Photographer Patrick Zephyr. I like this photograph because the dew droplets looks like a million tiny bubbles floating into the air.

spiral water fall

This may look like an ordinary waterfall, but what is so fascinating about this photograph is at the bottom of the waterfall. If you look the pool you can see a spiral or ripple effect and I think the photographer did a good job capturing that. This photograph was also taken by Patrick Zephyr


This photograph is a field of different colored tulips. The reason I chose this photograph is because the photographer incorporated all the different colors. This was taken by John Shaw


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Don Sparks Photography

A photographer I discovered within the past two years is Don Sparks. Sparks mainly does portrait photography, and his business is located within North Frisco, Texas.

60678_762215997151171_7755580387562256808_n                                                                                                                     I realize that portrait photography is very common, but I like how the background will contrast with the subject or the subject’s clothes. I think it’s very creative, mainly because I don’t think of that kind of concept when I take pictures.

1920198_682323968473708_1649042342_n                                                                                                                     I think he truly does a great job capturing the essence of the subject. In one portrait, he uses depth of field in a way I would have never thought of. There is a fence that is used as on overlay in the photo.1468757_637666532939452_1755170334_n                                                                                                                     I thought this was interesting mainly because I have never seen anyone do this type of approach.

1381810_609849065721199_516845778_n I really liked this shot because it shows a basket toss in progress, shot for shot. I had never seen anything like this before, especially done so well because stunts are very hard to capture.

Taylor Johnson

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Time Lapse Photography

One of my more favorite styles of photos is the Time-lapse style. These pictures are created when a camera is set with a very long exposure time and usually aimed at something that will move. One of the more popular targets of time-lapse photography are the stars above. When done correctly, a time-lapse photo will show the movement of the stars over the course of the exposure time. An example of this can be seen below.


The same concept is applied for anything else you may be taking a picture of. For example: tracking the sun’s movements over the course of the day.


The object the picture is of can also be man-made, a good example of this would be a photo showing a city skyline.time_lapse

The object shown in time-lapse form are the car lights traveling down the highway. The long exposure time allows the path of the vehicles to be tracked.

A tutorial on how to properly shoot time-lapse photos has been included on this blog for your viewing pleasure right here:

Seth Shockley

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Caught in the Action

Walter Iooss JR. is a sports photographer. He has attended every Superbowl in NFL history. He is one of four photographers to capture some of the greatest moments at the Superbowl. He’s had the privilege to photograph other sporting events as well and many big name athletes. The photographs I selected are from different sporting events and mainly from the 60’s and 70’s era. My favorite type of photographs are from time periods that I wasn’t alive to witness the events.   I think people will find them interesting because they capture the athletes in action and they appear to be frozen in the shot.

Staubach & Greenwood 1975

Staubach & Greenwood 1975

Dallas Cowboys game!

Juan Marachal 1961

Juan Marichal 1961

Pitcher for Giants known for high kick pitches ret.

Detriot Vs NE Foxboro 1976

Patriots Vs. Lions! Pats lose 10-30

T416 IM 5

Kareem Abdul Jabbar 1971

Played for Milwaukee Bucks in 1971

Alan Trammel 1993

MLB shortstop for Detriot Tigers ret.


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