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Monochramatic Photography

Monochramatic Photograpghy is a really fun and interesting type of photography that captures images in a single color or hue. Its very similar to black and white photography in sense of conveying a message with detail. I loved the work becuase it has a stoic feel as if its telling an unpleasant story. For example this picture of a castle seems like the castle of a villian in a fairy tale or story. monotone-blue-1 (1)

Alot of monochramatic photography is done with some special camera and altered lenses but a also with photoshop. Some people have started doing them with regular cameras and tryng to use items with exact colors.


Its become popular because of the fun ways to make items look similar almost creating a Alice in Wonderland effect. I personally would love and try it with the specilaized cameras. – Jwebb43



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