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100 most influential photographers





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Some Photos You Won’t Believe Are Not Photoshopped

I was looking online for some really great photos and found this website that has 15 of the coolest photos I have ever seen.

With technology these days, it’s so easy for people to edit a picture to make it spectacular but with these photos, nothing has been edited.

I really like how these pictures capture my eyes and make me so interested in them.





Headless horse? Nope! it’s actually looking the other way. 







At the top of 360 feet tall Victoria Falls there is a natural rock pool, called Devil’s Pool. From September to December, when the water level is low, you can swim in it. 



Skater Fly. It’s not photoshopped but… the fly is dead.


Author: Bpaul

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r/itookapicture: An Online Photography Community

Whether you like it or not, the internet is becoming a bigger part of our lives every day. There are social networking sites and other online communities that gain more and more users all the time. Reddit is one of those sites, with a nearly infinite number of communities that cover any topic imaginable. This blog post will be cover one of those communities, r/itookapicture.

r/itookapicture (ITAP) is a place for people to submit photos they’ve taken for other people to view, rate, and critique. I think this is a great idea because photos are meant to be seen, right?

Here are a few of the top submissions from Wednesday, Sept. 26th:

Picture of a laser light show in Brisbane

An unedited photo taken from a mountaintop in Entrevaux, France

A picture taken in Chicago











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link-Photo Contest Flyer

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How to Photograph Drummers

The article I am covering is by a famous/ professional music photographer, Todd Owyoung.

I really liked this article because someday I would love to photograph musicians/ live concerts as a side job. This article really helped me understand how music photographers capture such great photographs.

Owyoung talks about the key essentials for taking a photographing a drummer in motion.

His five tips are:

Use The Right Lenses– Favors a 70-200mm f/2.8. Because drummers are usually in the back of the stage a telephoto lens is a great chose for closing the distance.

Pick Your Angles Carefully– Photographing drummers is harder than people think. You have to make sure other band members, mic stands, and monitors aren’t in the way. To get the best photos of drummers, comes down to finding the right position and angle that gives a clear shot of their face.

High Shutter Speeds– Because drummers are usually moving quickly, you want to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. For the cleanest shots,  1/200 should be used as a minimum, but 1/250 or even faster is preferable.

Compose for Movement– With drummers moving their arms and sticks so much, you have many oportunities to get an awesome picture of epic gestures and movements that can help someone under the power of percussion.

Shoot The Drummer in Context– Tight framing can be the best at showing the energy of a drummer but a wider shot that shows their entire kit can be just as impressive.

Author: bpaul

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Amazing Cat Photography

Cats are amazing creatures that are independent, quiet, clean, and hilarious.  Everyone appreciates a great cat picture to brighten up there day.  I  blogged  about cat photography because I think it takes a good since of art to capture a truly amazing cat moment. Yes anyone can take a picture of a cat, but if the photographer does not set his or hers camera settings correct, it can take away from the cats wonderful moment.  I found a website called that has a article about impressive cat photography.  The site says too take a lot of shots in order to get the right composition for the cat photo. Here are some examples with links to the artists who took the photos. If you like cats or not, you have to agree that these are well done and well thought of shots.


My Own Venom





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DSLRs go on a journy to the outerlimits of space

This self portrait was taken by Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide while on a six-and-a-half hour space walk outside the International Space Station. He was using a Nixon D2Xs with a 10.5mm fish eye lens at a aperture of f/11, shutter speed of 1/500, and an ISO of 200.

This photo gives a detailed look at the camera.  I have no idea if the astronaut adjusted the camera settings manual or if it was shot with automatic settings.  I cant imagine adjusting the aperture and shutter speeds with those big bulky gloves on.

Here is Russian astronaut Gennady Padalka using the same DSLR Nixon D2Xs camera, but he has it mounted on his space suit. It is amazing that society has the technology to not only send a man in space, but also capture moments with a camera.

I found this article at and what intrigued me about the article was the sheer enormity of  technology society has created. It blows my mind that a Nixon DSLR camera with some added attachments can produce pictures like these.  I wonder if the astronauts had to take a basic photography class when they prepared to go up into space.

Who ever shoots any self portrait has no chance of coming close to this shot.  The reflection, the earth behind him, the fact that its literary in space, this astronaut takes the cake in self portrait shots!


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