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Timothy Jacobsen Photography

While I was a junior in high school, I went to the MSPA Summer Journalism Conference at the University of Maryland. My instructor was photojournalist from Frederick, MD, Timothy Jacobsen. He taught me a lot about photography and I was really impressed with his work. He has a lot of cool shots of nature, sports, people, etc. Here are a few of his photos.



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Interactive Photo Gallery Ideas

I started searching some ideas for the Gala coming up at the end of the semester, so we could get a head start on what we might want to do for it. I found several interactive exhibit ideas. Most were pretty standard but some went as far as projections of the images on the wall. I think that it would be fun to make multiple  ways of show our photos at the gallery and have the guests join in too.

I also looked up pinhole cameras that we talked about in class. I think that they would be fun to have at the Gala for the guest to play with. They are easy, and cheap to make and would really be fun.

Author: Lexi Scott

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