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Comparing camera lens’ and their uses

When it comes to DSLR cameras, there are many different lens’ you could choose from. I chose the most popular in my opinion, and will show you through pictures how to tell the difference between them. The photos of lens’ below go in order of a Zoom Lens, a Wide-Angle Lens, a Macro Lens and a Fisheye Lens. As you can see, not only do the settings you use on your camera effect your photo, but also the actual lens that you choose to use. Choose wisely! -Michaela Green





Samsung 60mm f/2.8 NX i-Function Macro Lens



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Using Lasers In Photography

Here is the link to my blog where you will find my post of tips on how to create laser art in your photography. (:

-Michaela Green

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Photoshop Tutorial on Eyes

Some content on this page was disabled on February 2, 2016 as a result of a DMCA takedown notice from Malgorzata Dolewska Dyer. You can learn more about the DMCA here:

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Photographing a Dandelion on Fire

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

I was on Pinterest the other day and there is a category called photography, and I like to look at the images and get ideas for the photography class I’m in. I crossed the picture of a dandelion on fire and found it so interesting, mostly because it’s pretty simple to light a dandelion on fire, but to capture it is a whole different story. After seeing this image, I pinned it to my profile because I want to try to do it some day and I figured the students in my photography class would enjoy it as well. I was surprised to see how popular capturing dandelions on fire was when I googled it, but hopefully that will make it easier for anyone that would like to try it! There are many images on pinterest, flicker and google images to give you an idea.

Link for more photos and information:

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Kendra Luck lives in Albany, California and is an extraordinary award winning photojournalist. She worked for several Newspapers in the San Francisco Bay area, including several years at The San Francisco Chronicle.

skyscrapers sunbathers

act san


More recently, she was the sole photographer on the following books; Animal Reiki, and The Dog Lover’s Daily Companion.

dog lovers          Reiki



In 2001 Kendra created a style and body of work by combining her past career as photojournalist and the day-to-day life with her canine muse, Gladys (1992-2008).   

She is a self-proclaimed Dogumentarian.

  1. One who captures the character of dogs in their natural setting.
  2. One who creates photographs of actual canine events as they occur in a factual and creative way.

dog out window

Kendra now documents the dog’s rising role in the family household. She travels throughout the United States for private photo commissions as well as editorial and commercial projects.

in the woods


Kendra specializes in black and white documentary style portraits for people who consider their dog a family member. She creates beautiful one-of-a-kind images. And her photographs will capture the charm and character of your dog at a location of your choosing in a piece of quality fine art to cherish for a lifetime.

mibbs and the big dogs


Learn more about Kendra’s work at


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A Closer Look

If you asked us what’s so amazing about this picture of an 1886 baseball team, we’d simply point out the obvious: This was taken at a classier time when men wore top hats to the stadium and 18 out of 24 baseball players had objectively awesome mustaches. However, look closely at the man in the upper left corner — more specifically, at what he’s telling you to do with his hand:

This is Charles “Old Hoss” Radbourn. He was a major league basball player in the 1880’s and the only major league pitcher in history to win 60 games in one season. Radbourn was also the first person ever recorded flicking off the camera. Although the quality of the photos arent that great I thought that this was a pretty funny documented occurance on the photography timeline and I hope it will amuse the class as well. Radbourn also had a baseball card where he caried out his trademark “flicking off” the camera.

Read more at:




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Black and White by Noah Grey

Noah Grey  is just a typical guy with an inspiring story. He had been working with photography and was starting to make a career out of it but then his husband past away and he set down his camera for four years. After four years without his camera Noah met some new friends and redicovered his love fore photography. He is now making money from his photos. I think that his story is nice but more importantly I thought that most of his photographs are pretty amazing. I picked out four of the photos that I really enjoyed and that I hope the class enjoys as well.  For more noah grey photogrphy you can go to tumblr_mg571rI96a1qzq158o1_1280 tumblr_mfbdw71Uot1qzq158o1_1280 tumblr_mgpzo7DD781qzq158o1_1280 tumblr_mf9cncLLTc1qzq158o2_1280

Here is some of Noahs story about himself:

I’ve spent most of my adult life in a four-walled world, only finding enough each time I did go out to eventually send me back inside all the further — and after my husband Barry died in 2007, I shut the door more firmly than ever, going for most of the past five years without meeting another soul or even setting foot outside, and crawling into bed too tired (for the most part) to even try too hard to die.  Even my camera spent about four years gathering dust; I’d taken to photography since I was barely big enough to even hold my mom’s old Instamatic, and both the love of it and of being alive had long since melded together for me so much that losing the one was pretty much the same as losing the other.

But earlier this summer, my friend Alex started bringing me out of my long hibernation, and it was of him and his awesome hubby Matt that I ended up taking my first real new photos in four years — and, with them and because of them, started feeling myself wake back up a bit.  I never allowed myself any greater expectations of life, but I wasn’t looking for any; I was (and am) still a grieving widower, and still drawn back to solitude and silence.  But I had friends now — real in-person friends who were finally more than the words on a screen I’ve spent most of my life with, friends I could laugh with and hug and beat the crap out of in Cards Against Humanity — and I had my photography back and, very slowly but surely, a few carefully-measured hours of life back on the other side of my door, both with my camera and without.


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