#UnfoldYourJourney with Hover


All photos taken from the Hover Camera Facebook page

Have you ever gone on an incredible adventure and wished you had a camera following you to capture your reactions and movements?

Meet Zero Zero Robotics Hover Passport Camera.


This drone is a body-tracking camera that can hover, follow, and orbit around its subject. There is a 13mp camera, 4K video, and a 360° panorama setting. The lightweight design of the drone allows the user to easily transport it–at a mere 242g (about ½ lb.) the foldable device can be slipped into a backpack or purse. The drone is so light that it doesn’t even have to be registered with the FAA.


The box-like structure guards the propellers from harm during travel and guards people from the spinning propellers during flight. This even enables an individual to launch the device from their hand or to grab the drone while it’s flying in the air.


Perks like the built-in flash, which helps in low light situations for group selfies indoors and the face tracking and body tracking are valuable features unparalleled by other drones on the market. The cost for a Hover Passport Camera is $599, and if you order it during the special Valentine’s Day sale you can get free shipping and chocolates from Sweet Addict Bakery! Rather than being the drone that you would choose for long distance aerial shots, this little guy is the perfect selfie drone for documenting your personal adventures.


Check out more photos and videos at https://gethover.com/show-case

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoverCamera/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hovercameraofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hovercamera

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTI5ocI4lccwFtX7PbGTv3w

-Cecilia Beckmeyer

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For Your Consideration, Actress of the Ages, Cindy Sherman

Conceptual self-portraiture never looked so good. Sherman has been working for over forty years capturing herself as different characters. Her “Untitled Film Series” was a landmark collection of 69 black and white photographs with her assuming different roles and playing up Hollywood stereotypes, leaving the viewer to make up their own story about the images presented. Sherman is truly a photographer for the ages.


Unlike most portraiture shooters or painters, Sherman isn’t afraid to look ugly or ridiculous for her art. The ambiguity of it all lies in the fact that she typically doesn’t title her images, leaving the onlooker as the narrator. As the director, photographer, stylist and actress, she controls the entire production herself.

Sherman originally went to school for painting but became disillusioned by the practice, saying, “There was nothing more to say through painting. I was meticulously copying other art and then I realized I could use a camera and put my time into an idea instead.” Ironically, Sherman failed her first photography class due to the technicalities that came with this new medium. Her real passion was realized when she retook the class and realized the power of portraiture.

Two of Sherman’s photographs have gone on to be among the most expensive ever, one being sold for $3 million and the other for almost $4 million respectively, both from her “Untitled Film Stills” series (shown above).

Untitled Film Still #27 1979, reprinted 1998 by Cindy Sherman born 1954

The reason behind Sherman’s success is her undeniable, immense dedication to her craft. She demonstrates that a woman could do it all without assistance from anyone, let alone a man. Sherman’s work is a huge inspiration to me because she is so genuine in all of her acting and dress up games; she is exploring her identity through other lives and I mimic the same tactics in my art. All photographers should long to have a Sherman attitude because the sheer body of work she has presented the world is remarkable.

– Logan Benedict, your favorite gender questioning photographer

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Photo Ark

“My job is to help people think about things.”

-Joel Sartore

Photo Ark: Joel Sartore at TEDxMidwest (2013, Nov. 25, 7:50)


For the past 12 years, Joel Sartore has been on a quest to photograph every captive species on earth. This documentary collection contains over 6,000 photos of animals big and small. Originally titled The Biodiversity Project, the Photo Ark is a series captured with the intent of showcasing the disappearing, imperiled, and endangered animals of the world.


Shot on white or black backgrounds, Sartore wanted to allow people to look into the eyes of each creature.


Ever since childhood, Sartore has been concerned with extinction and from working on conservation photography projects for National Geographic, his eyes have been opened to the many issues surrounding extinction and conservation. Today, he is using the Photo Ark to make people think about what is happening to the world and the other inhabitants of this planet. Sartore encourages people to get involved by supporting local zoos, aquariums, and conservation organizations and learning about threatened species. Prints start at $75 or the photo book, “Photo Ark: A World Worth Saving” can be purchased for $9.95.


Why wouldn’t you want a book full of pictures of cute animals?


-Cecilia Beckmeyer

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Robert Mapplethorpe: 1989’s Big Gay Nightmare

Photographer Robert Mapplethorpe didn’t expect to cause such a stir with his final exhibition, “The Perfect Moment” in 1988 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Philadelphia, but within a year, the show was cancelled and the organizer behind the exhibit was charged with obscenity. But how and why did Mapplethorpe receive so much scrutiny and cause quite a controversy?

Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) was a prominent gay black-and-white photographer whose images explored the beauty of the human form. He also shot celebrities, flowers, and interracial nudes all during the HIV/AIDs crisis. In a world where all queer people were seen as animalistic, contagious perverts, Mapplethorpe’s work was scrutinized for its “bold” subject matter and strong queerdom: unapologetic, simplistic, and stunning.

“The Perfect Moment” debuted at a fragile point for Mapplethorpe’s health, and within months he passed away from AIDs complications. Mapplethorpe wasn’t around long enough to see the outrage his art accumulated, but he would’ve been thrilled to have made national headlines. The show spanned 25 years of Mapplethorpe’s illustrious career, including over 150 images and acting as a farewell portfolio to the art world. The show was divided into fragile flower shots, celebrity portraits (including 80s royalty like Grace Jones, Debbie Harry, and Andy Warhol), as well as intimate gay sex scenes and BDSM culture. Mapplethorpe’s humor is evident in how he juxtaposed photographs of an orchid in the same room as leather-clad men involving in piss play.

A gallery in Washington D.C. was set to be the second stop for the exhibit, but director Christina Orr-Cahall pulled out last minute due to several museum trustees being “horrified” by the pictures. The sight of a man with a bullwhip up his ass along with other gay nudity was too much to handle. Not wanting to engage in controversy, Orr-Cahall cancelled the show, causing an onslaught of protest. “Our institution has always remained outside of the political arena, maintaining a position of neutrality […] in a city with such great federal presence,” she stated.


In 1990, the show was subject of an obscenity trial when the director of the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio was charged for displaying the photos. He was eventually acquitted because the jury found the work to have artistic merit beyond pornography.

Mapplethorpe’s impact on the art world was monumental, fundamentally challenging the public’s view of what art is and being unapologetically queer amidst it all. Mapplethorpe is proof that queer sexuality when expressed correctly can be art, and I am so thankful he fought the battle for all of us weird gays to photograph our bodies as we want without shame. ♥

– Logan Benedict, proud queer black & white photographer


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Photographer Overview: Pete Souza

Pete Souza is a world famous photographer who began his career in the late 1970’s and is currently the Chief Official White House photographer for President Barack Obama and the director of the White House Photography Office. 

Holding the title of Chief Official Photographer means he gets to tag along with President Obama and take photos that show a side of our president many people don’t get the chance to see. Souza’s whole job really consists of showing Obama on a personal level and his day to day life in the Whitehouse.




Here is an image of President Obama doing his best Pete Souza impression


These “behind-the-scenes” shots have caused Souza to rise to a level of Internet stardom since he began uploading them to the web in 2009. Souza takes pictures in a unique way as well, where his pictures never seem staged, never seem forced, he is really a master of being a fly on the wall and capturing candid, quality images.


His pictures make the viewer feel like you are there living in the White House, seeing what the President does from day to day, sneaking into stressful meetings, and seeing the president interact with his family.


This is the second President Souza has worked for, formally working for President Ronald Reagan in the 80’s. Souza says he takes around 20,000 pictures each week! Thats over 1 Million a year!


Pete Souza has also had the ability to meet all the high profile celebrities that find their way into the White House ranging from the one and only Michael Jackson to Ellen DeGeneres, from George Clooney to Michael Jordan, he is one person that can scroll through his camera roll and say he really has shot them all!


Here is a link to Pete Souza’s actual website for more information and pictures, all photo’s posted were shot and uploaded by Pete Souza I do not own the rights to any of them. 


– Brennan Weber







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Keith Mosher is the owner and photographer of KAM Photography which opened in Lewes Delaware in February of 2002. He is a full-time photographer working with weddings, portraits, food, commercials and editorial work and has been published in magazines, brochures, billboards and a cookbook. He also teaches at Delaware Technical and Community Collage. He graduated with a Bachelor of fine arts degree from Shepherd University in Sheperdstown, WV in May of 2001.  



Jillyan Spell


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Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography offers some of the most breathtaking shots man has seen, it shows the world in a much different aspect, different than any human eye is able to pick up on its own.

Long exposure photography is a photo which captures any light that became visible during the time span of the shutter process. This is accomplished by generally slower than average shutter speeds, which leaves the shutter open for a longer amount of time.


While the shutter remains open however it becomes extremely suseptable to any movement to the camera body itself, one false move and the whole shot will become distorted. This is why many professional photographers suggest using a tripod, where they can just set up click the shutter and hang out until the shot is done.

Primarily the best aperture to use when going for these long exposure shots is anywhere between f2.8 and f4 if possible. As for ISO I’ve seen many people have varied settings for this it really depends on what time of day and how bright the setting you’re in already is.



The ideal area for long exposure photography is urban and city areas with a high volume of traffic and lights. However there have been some in wide open desserts capturing a 24 hour image of the sky which I think is very cool.


Interesting Info: There is an article I read about a man in Arizona named John Keats, the article is from 2015 so I do not know if it happened or not, but this photographer was planning to take a photo that lasts until 3015.

That 1,000 year photo would easily break every record for worlds longest photograph, however, no one living now will be able to see the results. This camera would be plated with gold and built to deteriorate with grace. Could you imagine waiting 1,000 years for a photo and then realize the lens cap was on the time…..

Here are some of the longest photographic exposures we’ve seen to date by German photographer Michael Wesley:










-brennan weber





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