Maritime Photography

plisson portrait

Philip Plisson is a French photographer known for his maritime photography. His photos are based on the life of the ocean. The photos he takes are just insane and very well put together. All of his photos are unique and he has multiple studios for the audience of his work to view his photos. The detail on how they are caught is just eye-popping. The scenery taken in the photo is just what makes Plisson so cool.

madagascar seabirds

In this photo, you can see how unique this is. Two men on a sailboat in Madagascar surrounded by hundreds of seabirds. Moments like this make his photos so extraordinary.

Above, you see more photos of waves just crashing. A boat plowing through the rough waters. A lighthouse on the far end of land surrounded by roaring waters. Then a city surrounded by crashing waves literally outside their back door. Scary but so intense.


You can tell Plisson is all about his action shots of waves. This is what makes him so famous.

– Brayden Ostan


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