Chris Arnade photography | Maddie Griffin

Chris Arnade from South Bronx , NYC is well known for his multi-year project called “Faces of Addiction” on Flickr.

He goes around different parts of the city throughout the year and photographs addicts on the streets after bonding with them and listening to their stories.


He then posts the photographs onto Flickr along with several paragraphs all about the addict’s story.

Over the years Arnade has become friends with many of the addicts that are seeking help; he has gone well out of his way to help many of these lost, kind souls get back up on their feet or at least has given them companionship.


Some of the addicts allow Arnade into the homes they’ve created in small places that help them survive. I found that very interesting when i was going through all of his pictures.

When reading about these addicts stories, it makes you feel almost connected to them.






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