Trey Ratcliff and the Art of Travel Photography

treyTrey Ratcliff is an American born photographer who has taken over almost every social media account with his mesmerizing images of places and people all over the world. He uses his accounts and his blog to give tutorials on how to make photos more interesting while its being taken, and in post production. He doesn’t just go step by step on how to take a good photo. Ratcliff explains that its all about experimentation and offers a few techniques to help his learners.

His photos captivate millions with their bright colors and illusions. For a man that is half blind, he sure does have a good eye for art. Some of the techniques he uses are motion, reflection, and emotion to really draw the viewer into his images.

Copyright Trey Ratcliff

Not only is this picture very eye catching with all the bright colors, it is interesting because the cars and people are blurred out. You can tell he slowed the camera shutter speed down to a few seconds and used a tripod to capture this moment. It almost feels like you’re in that city watching them.

Day 13 - Sunny Valley - The Mighty Glacier-X5


He does not always put reflections in his landscape photos, but when he does the reflections are so clear that if you cut it in half it could look like another photo. It’s breathtaking and just makes you want to visit those places so much more.

It is not just the places he photographs that make him so famous, it is the people too.

from Trey Ratcliff at

The way he photographs people really draws in different kind of emotions. In this photo of a man from Papua New Guinea, Ratcliff has him staring right into the camera, and has the focus right on his face. It can make the viewer feel so much more connected to this man’s feelings and his culture. It makes you want to know more.



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