Jerry Aveniam, Photographer to the Celebrities

“I love actors and have such a great respect for the craft and it’s process” -Jerry Avenaim

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Chicago native photographer Jerry Avenaim is best known for portrait photography featuring celebrities. Avenaim got his start at age 19 as an assistant to photographer Patrick Demarchelier. After becoming an independent photographer in 1985, his biggest early success was photographing up and coming model Cindy Crawford for a foreign edition of Vogue. Avenaim then began photographing for Italian Vogue based out of Milan, working under the guidance of Editor in Chief Franca Sozzani.

Top Fashion Photographer Jerry Avenaim and Patrick Demarchelier

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Moving back to America, the photographer began basing himself in Los Angeles, California. Photographing celebrities and fashion editorials for magazines like Newsweek, Vogue and People, Avenaim’s celebrity portraits portfolio expanded. His high-end clientele includes Brooke Shields, Angela Basset, Jeff Bridges, Julia Roberts, Phil McGraw, Patricia Arquette, Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson.

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In January of 2003 Avenaim’s photograph of Halle Berry graced the cover of People magazine’s yearbook issue as “Picture of the Year”

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The celebrity photographer is known for his tutorial seminars/DVDS like “How to Take Great Picture” and his compilation book of portraits titled “Naked Truth.” Avenaim also does photography for advertising and book covers.

-Haley Myles


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