Chris Shonting

Chris Shonting is a Distinguished and rising New York city based photographer. He’s most known for shooting celebrities and fashion look books.

Chris has an idiosyncratic shooting style that has got him photoshoots with legends such as neckface, Kid Cudi and even the brand Supreme.

Pictured above is the Palace brand owner Blondey McCoy modeling for the Supreme New York Lookbook.

Pictured above is a shoot Chris did for Saks 5th Avenue, a Women’s apparel sight

Shonting has also shot short videos for Alexander Wang x H&M Collaboration

Some of the most notable brands Chris Shonting has worked with include: Supreme, Nike, Redbull, Puma, and many many others. Consider

Chris is also very known in the skater world and the celebrity world, above is some of the skaters from Supreme pictured with two Odd Future affiliates Earl Sweathshirt (a rapper) and Na’kel Smith (Rapper & Public Figure)

“I always want my photos to look like a dialogue whenever possible, that’s the main goal. It may sound corny or cliché, but I like seeing people smile. Especially people that never smile because they need to keep a serious image. That’s when I really go to work, to try and get that rare photo. I like to remind myself never to take photography too seriously. It started as a hobby to entertain myself with, [and] I need to keep a certain aspect of fun in my work — even in very serious work situations, or else it will kill me. Also I love shooting friends, that never gets old.” Shonting said to Hypebeast.

Another celebrity encounter is Chris’s project 22 hours with DMX, where Shonting captured pictures of DMX’s dog, his tattoos, and even pictures of him working in the studio.

My personal favorite projects is the one he did with Neckface wherein he got tons of photos of Neckface doing the wild things he does.  Neckface rarely shows his face and for Shontings to get him to do a photoshoot is amazing.

Chris also has a lot of prints for sale on his website for $100+ dollars.

Shonting is currently working with the young skaters of the Supreme team for many shots and even a short film to be out soon.

You can look through Chris Shonting’s work and clients at his website here:




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