Ansel Adams


Ansel Adams was born in San Francisco California on February 20, 1902. When he was younger an earthquake caused him to fall and damage his nose, leaving it permanently disfigured. He had problems fitting in at school and as a result his childhood was spent in solitude. As a result he found peace within nature, he was hiking dunes and beaches.


He received the Kodak no.1 box brownie from his parents as a gift. and soon after joined the Sierra Club, an environmental group. He spent four summers in Yosemite valley as the club’s keeper of the club’s lodge. His first published photographs appeared on the Sierra Club’s 1922 Bulletin. ansel1.jpg


(The Tetons and the Snake River 1942)

Adams Pursued “Straight Photography” or “pure photography” where the clarity of the lens is emphasized and the final appearance gave no indication of being manipulated in the darkroom. Adams became the most well known and insistent champion of “Straight Photography”. He us f/64 aperture to give himself a great depth of field.


(Mount Williamson 1944)

Ansel Adams did mostly black and white landscape images of the American West. Because of his notable work he even created a group with fellow photographers William Van Dyke and Edward Weston known as Group f/64 which focused on carefully framed images seen through a western environmentalist viewpoint.


(half dome Merced River)

Most of his pictures are from the Yosemite National Park. Adams photographs of the West became the main photographic records of what many National Parks were like before the rampant tourism that is in them today.


on April 22nd 1984, Adams died from a cardiovascular disease at 82 years old. Publishing rights for most of his photos are handled by The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust. There is an Archive of Adam’s work located at the Center for Creative Photography.

Ansel was a dedicated environmental activist with an eye for photography.

You can check out his Gallery and his Biography here




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