Double exposure: The most beautiful type of ghosting


Source: Christoffer Relander

Christoffer Relander, an award winning Finnish photographer, is known for his gorgeous multiple exposure photographs of people, animals, and landscapes.


Source: Christoffer Relander

Originally, the technique was used with film by exposing a frame, rewinding, and exposing it again. Hayden Williams uses strictly film in her photography, but enjoys using the double exposure technique to create images the beauty of youth in nature. The technique is done in camera and created this piece, which is titled “Like Cotton Candy.”

Like Cotton CandySource: Hayden Williams Photography

But many examples of double exposure that you see on the internet today are done in post production. Using layers and tools in Photoshop, photographers join two or more images and can manipulate them in many ways that are not possible in camera. PSD Stack has a tutorial with pictures for combining three images into one that creates a look similar to double exposure photography.

doubleexposure       Source: PSD Stack

However, Relander does not use either of these methods for his images and shoots in digital. He uses multiple exposure mode in his camera to create his pieces. Not all DSLR cameras have this mode, but for those that do, the setting allows the photographer to merge multiple images taken by choosing a base photo and shooting on top of it. The second image will fill all of the dark space in the base image to create this unique style.


Source: Christoffer Relander

I have been a fan of this style since being introduced to it by a friend during my senior year of high school. One of my favorite things about this technique is I see it as a means to show the visible soul of a person in a portrait. By putting an image inside the person, the viewer will associate the two things together and create a story and a connection between the two.

Cecilia Beckmeyer


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