Creating Dream-Like Photos Without Photoshop


With only a camera, a ziplock bag, and maybe a marker or two, Photographer David McGrady can make a normal setting seem marvelous.


To create this effect, McGrady first takes a sandwich-sized ziplock bag and rips off the closed end of it. He then simply puts it over the lens, making sure some of the plastic is visible through the camera.


This technique makes the image seem hazy, giving it a “light leak” look. This can help the photograph give off a dreamy, mystical vibe, without having to spend a large amount of time editing the photo.

David McGrady takes this technique even further, however, by using a marker or pen to color the edges of the bag visible in the image. This gives what looks like a retro lens flare to the photo, adding to the fantastic element of the image. While these photos were obviously edited in post, the streaks of color in the photographs are completely authentic.


Learn more about this technique

Learn more about photographer David McGrady


Brenton Wiseman


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