Muriel Knudson

Muriel Knudson is an Emmy nominated videographer and photographer previously based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She now currently resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her best friend, and focal point of many photos, Lauren Sanderson.


She recently started a campaign titled #TakeMorePicsOfUrFriends, in which she encourages those in the photography industry, as well as those who just dabble with it, to get more candid shots of their friends living life.


Knudson features many of these photos on an Instagram she created for this “project”. She also has created merchandise, such as stickers, as a way to spread awareness. Because of this project, she is known now in the community for her portraits.

instagram screenshot.PNG Besides this, Muriel Knudson is just very big on candids. While she does still take staged photos, her forte is definitely more candid, original pictures. She likes to find the beauty in just living life, and that beauty shows so strongly in the photos she shares.crowd

She has been hired by a lot of public relation specialists for musicians and bands to take photos of concerts as promotion of the artists, which gains her access to a different, per-say “genre” of photography.

Personally I think that she will make it very big in the photography world. The way she takes her photos is so natural and beautiful, which makes them visually appealing to many types of viewers.

– Diana Powell


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