Dante Sisofo

Dante Sisofo is a personal friend of mine and a street photographer out of Philadelphia PA. He first gained interest in photography a few years back when he took a class in a local community group where he made portraits for everyone in their own environments. He documented each person’s stories and had their pictures put up on a wall where he then presented his first show ever.


Dante refers to the people he takes pictures of as his subjects and he is a very large fan of an individuals environment. He takes pictures in ways that he interprets everything. He believes the best pictures come from everyday life in urban landscapes, specifically Philadelphia and Baltimore, where he mostly resides.


Above is one of Dante’s most favorite photos he’s ever taken, Taken in Philadelphia, from the woman in the window to the man with and umbrella and the rainbow in the sky. This picture shows how minimal we can be in our photography but still have a lot going on.

Dante 2.jpg

Dante took this after a fire broke out in Baltimore one afternoon and he caught the perfect vision of these children on their bikes staring into the smoke, he referred to them as posing like superheros about to take a plunge into the fire and save some people.


Pictured above is another great photo, taken at a youth center in Philadelphia, Dante has his caught his subjects in a “windmill” position with the arms on the young man in the back colliding with the young man in the front. This picture won the Miami Street Photography 2016 Photo Slam.

Dante aspires to be a photo journalist. Photography is Dante’s life, and he feels as if his life would have no meaning and he would not be able to function without photography to fall back on to.


Dante is currently in Jerusalem right now taking photos and enjoying the company of many refugees. Pictured above is two young boys named Muhammad and Ramzi,  the photo was taken in Aqabat Jaber, a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank.

You can follow Dante on Instagram

You can also check out Dante’s website

Dante also does POV street photography on his Youtube Channel

He is even featured in an Artist Spotlight




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