Edwin H. Land

Mr. Land’s childhood was pretty uneventful. It wasn’t until he reach college that his innovations became alive. He grew up in a relative poor surroundings, his father owned and ran a scrap yard. From such meager surroundings he still got accepted to Harvard which he promptly drop out of after only two months to work on a business project.

He would eventually return to Harvard after convincing one of his instructors to provide him with a lab to do his research in. Ironically this was 1929 just months before the stock market would crash.  The Polaroid Corporation as we know it today started around 1937 as a research company and did a significant amount of research for the government during World War Two. It wasn’t until 1948 that the first Land camera was introduced.5245242418_12f2e517f6

By the 1960’s the camera had involved into the Polaroid land swinger camera. This was the 1960’s version of the Iphone.  Even Steve Jobs credited Dr. Land for much of his inspiration of his success.


In the late 60’s Dr. Land had one more success with the SX-70 camera. But it would cost Polaroid in the long run.


His next great invention Polavision would be the downfall of the corporation. Launched in 1977, it only lasted a couple of years since the VCR was introduce at about the same time. Polavision was a one shot deal, it couldn’t record like the vcr could.


Dr. Land would retire several years later in 1982. He would start another company and continue his research. But he would never again enjoy the success he had once achieved. Most of his later life was devoted to range finder technology that he would sell off to other companies and had no real tie in to photography.

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-Diana Powell


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