Photo Ark

“My job is to help people think about things.”

-Joel Sartore

Photo Ark: Joel Sartore at TEDxMidwest (2013, Nov. 25, 7:50)


For the past 12 years, Joel Sartore has been on a quest to photograph every captive species on earth. This documentary collection contains over 6,000 photos of animals big and small. Originally titled The Biodiversity Project, the Photo Ark is a series captured with the intent of showcasing the disappearing, imperiled, and endangered animals of the world.


Shot on white or black backgrounds, Sartore wanted to allow people to look into the eyes of each creature.


Ever since childhood, Sartore has been concerned with extinction and from working on conservation photography projects for National Geographic, his eyes have been opened to the many issues surrounding extinction and conservation. Today, he is using the Photo Ark to make people think about what is happening to the world and the other inhabitants of this planet. Sartore encourages people to get involved by supporting local zoos, aquariums, and conservation organizations and learning about threatened species. Prints start at $75 or the photo book, “Photo Ark: A World Worth Saving” can be purchased for $9.95.


Why wouldn’t you want a book full of pictures of cute animals?


-Cecilia Beckmeyer


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