Photographer Overview: Pete Souza

Pete Souza is a world famous photographer who began his career in the late 1970’s and is currently the Chief Official White House photographer for President Barack Obama and the director of the White House Photography Office. 

Holding the title of Chief Official Photographer means he gets to tag along with President Obama and take photos that show a side of our president many people don’t get the chance to see. Souza’s whole job really consists of showing Obama on a personal level and his day to day life in the Whitehouse.




Here is an image of President Obama doing his best Pete Souza impression


These “behind-the-scenes” shots have caused Souza to rise to a level of Internet stardom since he began uploading them to the web in 2009. Souza takes pictures in a unique way as well, where his pictures never seem staged, never seem forced, he is really a master of being a fly on the wall and capturing candid, quality images.


His pictures make the viewer feel like you are there living in the White House, seeing what the President does from day to day, sneaking into stressful meetings, and seeing the president interact with his family.


This is the second President Souza has worked for, formally working for President Ronald Reagan in the 80’s. Souza says he takes around 20,000 pictures each week! Thats over 1 Million a year!


Pete Souza has also had the ability to meet all the high profile celebrities that find their way into the White House ranging from the one and only Michael Jackson to Ellen DeGeneres, from George Clooney to Michael Jordan, he is one person that can scroll through his camera roll and say he really has shot them all!


Here is a link to Pete Souza’s actual website for more information and pictures, all photo’s posted were shot and uploaded by Pete Souza I do not own the rights to any of them. 


– Brennan Weber





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