Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography offers some of the most breathtaking shots man has seen, it shows the world in a much different aspect, different than any human eye is able to pick up on its own.

Long exposure photography is a photo which captures any light that became visible during the time span of the shutter process. This is accomplished by generally slower than average shutter speeds, which leaves the shutter open for a longer amount of time.


While the shutter remains open however it becomes extremely suseptable to any movement to the camera body itself, one false move and the whole shot will become distorted. This is why many professional photographers suggest using a tripod, where they can just set up click the shutter and hang out until the shot is done.

Primarily the best aperture to use when going for these long exposure shots is anywhere between f2.8 and f4 if possible. As for ISO I’ve seen many people have varied settings for this it really depends on what time of day and how bright the setting you’re in already is.



The ideal area for long exposure photography is urban and city areas with a high volume of traffic and lights. However there have been some in wide open desserts capturing a 24 hour image of the sky which I think is very cool.


Interesting Info: There is an article I read about a man in Arizona named John Keats, the article is from 2015 so I do not know if it happened or not, but this photographer was planning to take a photo that lasts until 3015.

That 1,000 year photo would easily break every record for worlds longest photograph, however, no one living now will be able to see the results. This camera would be plated with gold and built to deteriorate with grace. Could you imagine waiting 1,000 years for a photo and then realize the lens cap was on the time…..

Here are some of the longest photographic exposures we’ve seen to date by German photographer Michael Wesley:










-brennan weber






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