Why Black and White?

People often turn to black and white for its expressive power. Most people see in color, but color can sometimes be too descriptive,according to popphoto.com. It can fail to show the depth and mood that black and white’s contrast, and shadowing can communicate. Black and white can bring the focus upon the individual, while the distraction of color can pull it away.


(Henri Cartier- Bresson)

Sandro Baebler, a portrait, and advertising pro based in  New York, prefers black and white for many reasons, but mostly for its timelessness. “Black and white conveys more about the qualities of light.” ” When the subject is well lit,the interplay of light and shadow in black and white can create a more powerfully three-dimensional effect. Color, on the other hand, can lack dimension,” said Baebler.

10-famous-black-and-white-photojournalists-eddie-adams(Eddie Adams)

I selected to do research about this because I am choosing to do my final project in Black and White and was looking for inspiration and tips or tricks to help with the process. As I was reading about why photographers prefer there photographs in black in white these are a few tips I stumbled across for shooting black and white:

Set LCD screen to black and white-preview the scene in black and white

Use flash-often the problem with shooting high-contrast black and white is that you can’t see much in the shadows. Put your camera to “P” mode and experiment using a flash. (Unless in this class!!!!!)

Shoot RAW- gives you the option to go back and edit things like fine tuning skin tones- higher quality

10-famous-black-and-white-photojournalists-nick-ut(Nick Ut)


Why Choose B&W




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