Horror Photographer Joshua Hoffine


Joshua Hoffine was born in Emporia Kansas in 1973. He graduated high school in 1991 and earned a B.A in English Literature in 1995.
He started in 1999 as an intern with Nick Vedros photography then became a photo-assistant at Hallmark Cards in 2000 before branching out in 2001 as a freelance photographer.
He doses commercial work, wedding photography along and photographs on many movie sets but started 2003 making his horror photographs. In 2008 he released a series of images exploring the nature of childhood fears titled “After Dark, My sweet” using his wife, Jen their 5 daughters, and other friends as models and crew. It was this project that giving him a good standing reputation and opened so many possibility’s.
“We are all born with certain inherent and instinctual fears, such as fear of the dark, the rear of lurking danger, and the fear of being eaten. As we grow older these fears lose their intensity and are slowly shuffled away into our unconscious.”
He stages his photo shoots as if they were movie sets using costumes, elaborate props, fog machines, special effects make-up all while everything is acted out in front of his camera. By using this technique, he can capture the fear and horror he is portraying with minimal use of photoshop or other editing software.
Since then his work has been in several magazines, anthologies and news outlets around the world.laststand
“Innsmouth Portraits” is a series of photos depicting monstrous fish people called the Deep Ones created by J. Anthony Kosar and team at Kosart Effects inspired by the story Shadow Over Innsmouth written in 1931 by H.P. Lovecraft. While shooting these photos Joshua Hoffine used photo technology form the 1800’s shooting the portraits as genuine wet plate.
He is releasing a coffee table book in early 2017 titled, Joshua Hoffien horror photography, that is covering his 13 years of photo-shoots, behind-the-scenes photos, production notes, artist commentary, and more.nosferatuweb




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