Alexander Yakovlev- Dances with flour

Nothing quite captures the combination of strength, grace, and art like dance. Alexander Yakovlev is able to capture all of these elements in his dance collection.


Alexander Yakovlev is a photographer from Moscow, Russia. Alexander focuses photographing professional dancers, In a way that even though the image is still, you can see the movement. He is able to capture the motion in the moment. In a specific set of shots, he was able to take his art a step further. Using flour, he was able to add an additional effect to the image, emphasizing  movement in that exact moment the picture was taken at. His dust dancers made the pictures ‘come alive.’



As a dancer and an extremely amature photographer I was particularly inspired by these shots. I felt as if the flour like substance adds on to the grace and flows with the dancer, adding to their beauty.  Something I’d like to try myself!


Alexander Yakovlev: Dynamic Dancers Portraits



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