F/64 was a group founded by the legendary Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. Soon after, Willard Van Dyke, Imogen Cunningham, John Paul Edwards, Sonya Noskowiak, and Henry Swift would join the group.

Group f/64 received their first showing at the San Francisco De Young Memorial Museum in 1932. Here, the group was able to bring their new work and ideals to the art world.

Among those ideas, was the avoidance of “pictorialism” in photography, and instead shooting the subject as they are meant to be. They did this by making sure everything in the picture was completely in focus. Hence, the name Group f/64 because they used an aperture setting of 64.




Group f/64 disbanded in the early 40’s, but the skills the artists learned from each other and the concepts they produced made a lasting impression on photography during the 20th century.


-Glenn Hiller







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