Ellen von Unwerth


Ellen Von Unwerth is a photographer and director, that specializes in erotic femininity. She was born in Frankfurt Germany, 1954. During her childhood she was in foster cares in Bavaria. After graduating high school she worked at a circus as an assistant to do stunts and magic shows. Later on at the age of 20 she was invited to be a model by a photographer, soon after that she moved to paris to chase her career.


Ellen’s modeling career lasted 10 years, which she loved and learned a lot. But she felt that models were restricted in showing they’re talent, for instance different poses. So she decided to work behind the camera and give modeling photographer a whole new version. with her experience in the field, she gave models the opportunity to be more creative. after a few years she became known by doing a shoot with GUESS. After that her photography was a total success, and she featured in many magazines such as: Vanity Fair, The Face, Vogue, etc.

She has received many awards like International Festival of Fashion Photography, and the American Photo Magazine listed her as the Most Important People in Photography in 1998. Since then she has been known as one of the best female photographers that has shown the elegance and sensuality of women.


For many years I’ve seen Ellen von Unwerth’s photography and have always loved it. I like her unique creativity, and how she can make a women look sexy but in an elegant way. Her images resemble the 1920’s fashion with the flappers which is an era of fashion that i love.




By, Maricela Hernandez


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