Color Painting Photography


For this weeks post I decided to talk about color painting. Since I already experimented this creative photography I’m sure you guys would enjoy trying it too. It’s actually a lot simple then what you think, although I learned the hard way, (mainly for not informing my self) haha, but here it is.



Below are the items you need:

  • A camera, capable of taking long shots, preferable a digital camera. But if not a film camera can work fine.
  • A tripod, since you will be taking long exposures you need a tripod to set the camera still. If not just place the camera where it can be still. DO NOT CARRY IT.
  • A flashlight, and it can be basically any kind of light, glow sticks, laser points, even your phones flashlight would work perfectly fine.
  • A dark location, to achieve a better picture and make yourself not visible, the darker the better.

Here are the steps:

So first you have to manually setup your setting on your digital camera. For preference make sure your shutter speed is anywhere between 11 to 30 seconds. Your aperture can be between f/8 to f/32, but it all depends on your location, if its inside or out, play around with it. Also your ISO depends a lot of your location, just how I mentioned earlier make sure it’s very dark, and due to that you need your ISO from 100 to 400. The ISO of 400 worked well for me outside, I didn’t go to high on it because my surroundings started appearing lighter and I wanted the lights to be the main focus. So once you have that setup, put your camera on a tripod, or somewhere still where it wont shake. Capture a shot first of your location just to see how its going to look . Then take another shot and start drawing, making shapes, words, or anything in front of the camera.  A quick tip, DRESS IN BLACK, that way the camera wont capture you.  Remember draw all of this in between the shutter clicks. If you need more time just put your shutter speed higher. The first pictures will not be so great, but the more you do it the better you’ll get.


You can also light up items, for instance shoes, a house, a car, basically anything, just light up the areas you want visible with a flashlight, or any light you have, and the picture will turn out like this.


Hope this post helped you out! (:



Painting With Light


By, Maricela Hernandez



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