The Picture of Plants

Springtime Succulents

Plants seem like a rather easy thing to take pictures of, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality, making a picture about plants interesting is one of the hardest thing to do, simply due to the nature that many people find them boring.

One thing to note when taking pictures of plants is if they are decaying, if they are blowing in the wind or what color they are.

Clover Carpet

You want a color to mix and match well and almost max a visually pleasing pattern to the viewer. What does the condition of the plant say about the area, and does it tell a story? Is it just pretty?

That doesn’t even get into the idea that you have to pay attention on how strong the wind is blowing. Plants by nature are not something that you can set up unless you buy one, taking one of a natural plant may be difficult. If the wind is blowing you have to increase shutter speed ect.

Octopus plant


Colors and Patterns are also important as well as what time of year you take it in, since some plants only bloom during certain times of day and year.


Six Tips for Better Photographs of Plants


Aaron Felton


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