Brian Beilmann

Brian Beilmann is an extremely well known surf and underwater photographer, who has been in the business for most of his adult life. Beilmann is a pioneer and someone who is extremely articulate when it comes to shooting, which may be why his photos have been on the covers of hundreds of magazines, as well as countless books, and advertisements.


Coming onto the scene in the late 1970’s Bielmann claims he “half-heartidly shot while pursuing a surf career.” Despite his “half hearted” efforts, his shots were getting picked up by large companies interested in using his images. Quiksilver was one of the first companies who reached out to him, and once they began to publish his pictures, Bielmann started making a name for himself in the photography industry. It was when he got his second pay check from Quiksilver that he decided that it was photography that was his calling. From then on Bielmann spent most of his time and efforts toward perfecting his craft and making his images as unique as possible.

Bielmann claims he gets annoyed doing the same thing everyone else is; he was the first to take a digital camera into the water and after doing that he caught an iconic image of the late great Andy Irons, the 3x world champ was frozen in time flying above the lip in Indonesia. The image was made into a billboard, everyone saw it and everyone switched to digital.


Bielmann was one of the first people in the modern era of colored pictures to elegantly compose black and white images of surfers in action, and underwater shots. This has become sort of his trademark over the years and has led to many people attempting to do the same.

In conclusion I must reiterate that Mr. Bielmann is a pioneer in the art of photography and not to mention he is still doing it in 2016. The oldest photographer to shoot on the World Surf League tour, and STAB just published another one of his shots, needless to say Brian Bielmann is in my opinion one of the greatest photographers alive.







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