Diane Arbus



Child with toy hand, 1962

Diane Arbus was born on March 14, 1923, New York, NY.  Arbus was an American photographer and writer known for only photographing people as well as only photographing in black and white. However she didn’t choose to take pictures of your average  everyday person, Arbus often chose to make nudest,  dwarfs, transgenders and circus performers; people that weren’t considered “beautiful” to the everyday american eye. Diane started photographing fashion with her husband, Alan Arbus in the early 1940s and became very successful doing so. However in the late 1950s Diane decided to focus more on her own work and by the mid 1960s Diane had become a well established photographer. Arbus was known for going to great lengths to get the shot she wanted. “While professionally continuing to thrive in the late 1960s, Arbus had some personal challenges.” (http://www.biography.com/people/diane-arbus-9187461#unique-photography)


Diane Arbus, 1949

Diane’s marriage to Allan Arbus ended on 1969 which then lead to a struggle with depression. Diane committed suicide in her apartment on July 26, 1971. Her work is still praised by many and her life was even the basis of the 2006 film “fur”. I chose to post about Diane because I enjoyed reading about her passion to get the shot the she envisioned. Also, I personally enjoy black and white photogrpahy especially with the erie raw twist that Arbus is able to capture so well.


Child crying, New Jersey, 1967








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