Lola Alvarez Bravo


Lola Alvarez Bravo was the first female photographer in Mexico, during the post-revolution renaissance. She was born in Jalisco, Mexico 1907. She married Manuel Alvarez Bravo who got her involved in the world of art, and taught her all the photography skills such as developing prints and make films in the darkroom. They traveled around Mexico taking pictures, but Lola’s pictures always were shadowed by her husbands, so later on they divorced and she continued with photography. Her images interpreted the lifestyle of people, with crisp details, and light and shadow on surfaces.

Entierro en Yalalag

Posthumous reproduction from original negative

During her successful career she worked as a photojournalist, commercial photographer, professional portraitist, political artist, teacher, and gallery curator. And she received her first aesthetic in the 1940s in street photography and portraiture. Her photography remains in varies well known museums in cities such as: Houston, Manhattan, Tucson, and Mexico City.


The reason I chose to talk about Lola Alvarez Bravo is because she’s a key figure to all the independent women that have surpassed with their talent the competetive world of male figures. And as being the first female photographer, who also was close friends to Frida Kahlo. She was the first person to exhibited the work of Frida in an art gallery in Mexico City, 1951. Lola never gave up and worked hard all her life, until she became blind at the age of seventy-nine. An quote of hers that i really admired is “If my photographs have any meaning, it’s that they stand for a Mexico that once existed.” And I absolutely agree with her, her images capture the beauty within people, culture, loyalty, and freedom that Mexico once had.




By, Maricela Hernandez



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