Steve McCurry


Born in 1950 and raised in Pennsylvania Steve McCurry is a world famous photographer known best for his work “Afghan Girl” which was featured on the 1985 cover of national geographic.


McCurry graduated from Penn State University with a degree in theater arts but became interested in photography while he was working for the Penn State newspaper and after working with them for two years he left for India to do some freelance work. His career really lifted off after he crossed the Pakistan border which was controlled by rebel Afghanistan forces. Disguised in Afghan garbs with rolls of film sewn into the clothes McCurry would become one of the first photographers to report the conflict over in the middle east. This would win him the Robert Capa gold medal for best photographic reporting from abroad and numerous other awards. After this McCurry continued to cover many conflicts around the world focusing on the consequences of war and what it can do to the landscape and people involved.


Steve McCurry is still an active photographer traveling the world captivating people with his photos showing everyone what war is really like.

SRI LANKA. South Coast. Weligama. 1995. Fishermen.

SRI LANKA. South Coast. Weligama. 1995. Fishermen.


Author: Chris Heisler



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