techniques for Silhouettes

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Being able to create silhouettes in photography is an advanced concept and skill and overall kind of tricky. being able to capture a silhouette will involve some trial and error before you get it right meaning that it will take some practice. There are a few tips that might help you.

Aperture and selective focus- you’re going to want to focus the camera on a person where the outline of that person should be crisp and you can tell its actually a person. So you can try using a larger aperture like f8 or if you want to, maybe even a little higher. The reasoning for this is because you will want the background to be in focus as well as the silhouette of the person.  Continue to adjust your shutter speed until the exposure is correct and where you want it to be. You might want to have a long exposure time so keeping a tripod on hand is a good idea to avoid camera movement. If you want to have a halo effect on your subject as well, move the object in directly in front of something such as the sunset thus creating a halo like aspect.

By: Colleen Carney


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