Lighting in Photos

Lighting in Photography

In this entry I’m going to pretend that I know what I’m talking about and talk about one of the most important aspects of taking a photo, the lighting.

There are three key features of lighting and how it effects photos. How harsh or soft it looks, the direction and the color. I won’t be going too far deep into each one, but rather giving a general overall description of each.


How hard or soft lighting looks depends on where the source of light is coming from. The smaller the source the harder the lighting, while the larger a source the softer the lighting is. Despite this, the size relation to the object is more important than the actually size of the light source.

If that was the case anything shot outside would always be soft due to the sun being large.





The direction of the light is also important, one way to get a silhouette photo is having a strong light-source directly behind the target being photographed. Direction can effect the shadows of the photo as well as giving shading depending on the objects used.





Lighting also effect the coloring of an object, bad lighting may result in the image being over exposed causing the image to appear to be washed out. While this sometimes can be fixed with simple edits in photo shop, it is best to not let this happen and changed the settings on your camera so the picture is not over or under exposed.

I didn’t want to go too far deep into this, but rather give an overall idea of how lighting effects and can change or improve a photo.


Aaron Felton


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