Mario Testino

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I don’t do much blogging, but I decided to do this one on the Famous Photographer Mario Testino. Who is a Peruvian fashion and portrait photographer, his work is often featured in magazines such as Vouge and V Magazine.


more work for school.

He was born in born on 30 October 1954, he grew up in Lima and he always had an interest in the art. In 1976 he went to London to study more about it.




Some of his most famous work is his pictures with Diana, Princess of Whales.



He contributes to many non-profit charities such as Save the Children, amfAR, Elton John AIDS Foundation and CLIC Sargent

Here is a list of some of his more recent solo Solo Exhibitions.


2015: In your Face

2014: Alta Moda, Extremes,

2013: Private View.


The reason why I picked this topic is that I didn’t really want to post about an overall idea of Photography yet. Like how important lighting is, or what angles were. I picked this photographer mostly because he seemed popular, but not overly so, so I would have something to talk about.

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Aaron Felton


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