Wildlife Photography

By Dylan Schmidt

Wildlife photography is the capturing of animals in their natural habitats. The main object of wildlife photography is to get as close to the subject as possible. Nature photographers are known for their patience and their dedication to capturing the best images of their subjects.

One of the main ideas of capturing good wildlife photos is to not frighten the animals being photographed. Usually, a cameraman will set up in advanced where they believe animals will come hours in advance to make sure they don’t get in the animals way or scare them when they show up. A good wildlife photographer learns how to anticipate the behavior of the animal, so they can photograph them the way they wish.

Most photographers believe that the best way to photograph wildlife is to let it come to you; learn the animals movements and stake out a location to shoot it. This not only allows the animals to feel in control, it gives the photographer ample time to frame the subject the way they want. The best times to shoot wildlife is usually early morning or late afternoon, before or after the sun has moved from mid-sky, which will cause shadows to ruin your shots.

I like wildlife photography because I love animals. The dedication and patience required to get real good shots astounds me. I also love the use of colors and light used in getting good wildlife shots. Wildlife photography, along with sports photography, seem to be some of the most intensive forms of photography that exist. I’m always surprised when I see photos like these that are so good for what the photographer has to go through just to get one good shot.

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