Create your own Bokeh

Beto Santana


The art of Bokeh just seems like depth of field for some, but others toke the liberty of making something cool out of it.


People have been making shapes out of the Bokeh turning a simple depth of field shot into a work of true art.

First thing you want to do is get a lens with a wide aperture. The one used in the example would be a 50 mm lens with 1.8

50mm  F 1.8

piece of paper (Black)

and tape

It’s quite simple.

Cut the shape that you desire into the piece of paper (in the center) and then tape it over the front of your lens.

2 bo

Next you’re gonna want to open the aperture as wide as you can (lowest aperture value).

You could change the cut out to anything you wish and get good results. Here are other examples






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