Cameras make it easier for us

Beto Santana


With all the new advancements of the cameras now a days, its almost like the company makes it too easy for us.

For an example:back in the day to shoot a time-lapse you had to stand at the camera and take pictures or use a remote so that you could take pictures and reorganized them in your editing software

With the new Canon 80d; it has a new built-in interval timer. Just set of the timer and the amount of shots and then it’s all done by its self.

Time Lapse



Another example of how cameras advancements make it easier for photographers now a days is this bad boy here!


The Sony A7s is a camera with the best low light shooting available!

If you don’t believe me check out this video

Low Light Video

For outdoors shooting you no longer need to get expensive lighting equipment


One last thing that the new cameras do that make everything easier for us is



Cell phones cameras were built with more pixels and bigger chips in order to get the same resolution as dslrs.

With  the new DSLRs with built in wifi you can now send your grade A pictures to your phone so you could upload to you phone then instagram.

Before images how to go to many stages in photoshop in order to put on your phone.



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