The Blue Hour


Now that we’ve learned about the Golden Hour, I feel it is time to introduce a little something that photography calls the Blue Hour. Shortly preceding or following the Golden Hour (depending on the time of the day), this hour gives a cool blue tinge of color to the light, and usually has a darker blue sky with the onset of twilight.

For subjects, this usually gives a very frosty or distant look, as blue light tends to cool off the color temperature. As a huge fan of blue light myself and the sort of ‘tone’ it creates, I find it incredibly interesting.


Since, Blue Hour photography requires long exposures or fairly slow shutter speed, depending upon the scenario the long exposure can be creatively used to capture motion. The best part about Blue Hour is to capture light trails of vehicles while also capturing cityscapes, and if it is partially cloudy then the movements of the clouds can be used to create a drag effect. When capturing scenic beaches the movement of water appears to be dreamy. All of these effects add to the dynamics of the photograph. You can read more on the subject With a beginner’s guide to the Blue Hour


A warning: shooting in this hour usually requires longer shutter speeds and more light, but there’s no arguing how nice some of these shots are! The blue hour seems to be a favorite for sunset/sunrise and evening photographers, especially ones that focus on cityscapes.

Blue-Hour-and-Night-Time-Photography-by-Sasha-M-Photography-4It doesn’t mean you should exclusively work with the hour in the city, though! I feel the benefit to the mood of this lighting hour is one that could be very beneficial if used right. Feel free to check it out! You can even find your area’s blue hour so if you’re ever feeling adventurous with night and twilight, you might want to check it out! -ttowles


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