Removing The Unwanted from your Pictures


We all been in a situation where we are in a very popular are where lots of tourist are. Trying to take a good picture you also want everyone to see the nice sceneary you’re seeing but everyone is in the way. Using simple tricks on Photoshop you can get your photos looking like this:


To that.

From TipsImprove Photography they give you set by set how to do it.

Step 1: Set your camera on a tripod.

Step 2: Take a picture about every 10 seconds until you have about 15 shots, depending on how fast people are walking around.

Step 3: Open all the images in Photoshop by going to File > Scripts > Statistics.   Choose “median” and select the files you took.

Step 4: Bam!  Photoshop finds what is different in the photos and simply removes it!  Since the people moved around, it fills the area where someone was standing with part of another photo where no one was there.

And even a video to do set by step


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