Photography and Cinematography


When talking about photography and cinematography both seem very different. Both are arts form on different platforms, but they also have similarities when talking about what they actually consist of.

In Photography you try to compose a picture using light, lenses and camera angles in order to get the shot you looking for.

In Cinematography is no different just with motion. The name for someone who works with this is also known as the Director of Photography (DP). Their job is similar to those who take photography. The use lighting to set up a scene (composition), lighting of set and or location,  choice of camera, lenses and camera angle. Basically everything in photography can be switched over to cinematography as they use all the same technique, just add motion.

The same process it toke to set up a composition like this


It toke cinematographers the same process to come up with the lighting and composition for a scene like this


Thinking of it DP just is to make pictures and just add motion. With very famous photos even make their way to the big screen as they try to recreate the image using a different platform. The same can go the other way around. People have toke screen shots from films and made them famous photos.

An Example here is in the Rocky when he is running up the sets and raises his hands. Famous photo from a movie.


Seeing this shows that if you can get the hold of Photography you should have no problem if you want to switch over to Cinematography.


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