Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz considered to be one of the best portrait photographers with the use of bold colors and interesting poses. I personally love the way she thinks for her photos. She finds the bold colors and sets the models to pose in risqué or out of the norm positions. She wants to push the boundaries in her photos, she wants the shock value.

For example her Photo of Whoopi Goldberg in Vanity fair. This is also one of my favorite photos.


Some of her best works would be the photo were John Lennon is nude, curled up to his wife, Yoko Ono. lenonyoko.0

The photo was shocking the world, since there was a lot of resentment towards Yoko and this photo was the cover of Rolling Stone shortly after Johns death.

She breaks the mold of what we photograph and the times we do it. A pretty big photo she took was the last day of office for President Nixon, as the helicopter was taking off the other photographers stopped taking the picture but she continued. Annie wanted to capture the moment before and after.


Her portraits are amazing in my opinion, they are the main reason I’m so drawn to her photography. She captures the colors and the poses and expressions so well its astonishing.

Annie Leibovitz’s style is by far one of my favorites, she ignites the fire for me to improve my skills and become a better photographer.


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