Motion Photography

This topic of photography sincerely peaks my interest as well as others I presume. Motion photography can be a fun way that individuals can get creative when taking pictures virtually anywhere. To achieve that “motion/moving” effect to your picture, your main focus as a photographer is your camera’s aperture and shutter-speed. Aperture affects depth of field and light so the lower the aperture, the less of the image behind the focal point is in focus. Shutter-speed affects light and motion; the higher the shutter-speed, the less time your camera’s curtain is open allowing for more or less light to enter your camera’s sensor. With this being said, this is how experienced photographers acquire a completely still, “frozen” photo that captures/freezes the action or reduces the aperture to have less behind the focal point in focus.

Motion Photography

Motion Photography 1

This picture is a perfect example of low aperture and shutter-speed displaying the man with the umbrella in focus but the background is “blurry” and has a various array of light streaks. Very interesting.

Motion PhotographyMotion Photography 2

Another interesting viewpoint from under the skateboard going down the street. Sometimes, it’s all about the perspective and viewpoint you can get as a photographer. I can appreciate the clarity and angle used to capture this type of image.

Motion PhotographyMotion Photography 3

Again, reviewing over the principles of motion, we can see the man on the bicycle is not completely in focus but substantially that the photographer may have been satisfied with the image. This photo was obviously taken with a low shutter-speed and aperture. These are the two main focuses to being a motion photographer.




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