Light Painting Photography

While some may feel that photography in the 21st Century has reached its zenith as far as innovation and “newness” goes, some photographers are still finding innovative ways to create photographs. Eric Pare is one of those photographers creating interesting and new ways of taking pictures. Pare uses light tubes to create “light painting” in pictures, without the assistance of editing software. Pare frames his photos against serene lakes and familiar skylines, including Dubai and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The technique is interesting because it seems like something that is done in editing but Pare actually does it himself while the photo is being taken.

Hiding out of sight behind the model, Paré moves the light-tube with one hand, while shooting the photo with the camera remote in his other hand.

Pare creates the photos by setting a camera on a tripod, standing behind the model, moving a light tube around, and controlling the camera with a remote.


Paré says he found the photography style on accident.

Light-painting, Paré says, became the obvious choice.

Pare says he discovered the technique by accident when he was shooting with 360 degree cameras and using a concentrated light source.

Eric Paré light painting photgraphy

Here's a look behind the scenes. See how different the light in the model's hand looks when it's not in motion.

Above: A model holding one of the light tubes that Eric Pare uses to create his photos.

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