CONTRAST: Black & White vs. Color

They say a picture can say 1000 words, but with black and white or color, the contrast between the two can completely change the message conveyed by each picture. Black and white photos generally take on a more dramatic/serious feel to the image where colored photos, depending on the contrast of the colors used, either bright or dull, can create moods across the spectrum. Each photo attached displays a message on both the black and white side as well as the color side. Each image can generate positive or negative opinions depending on the colors brought out or taken away.Cauliflower: Black & White vs. Color

Black & White vs Color: Food Photography

You can significantly see the difference between the two images. The variation of shadows and shading in the black and white photo to the vibrant “pop” of color in the second. A very solid example of contrast.


Black & White vs Color: Beach Photography

The vibrant colors of the girl’s blue dress and flower in her hair drastically set the mood of the two photos. Black & White photography in 2016 can still resemble images from the 20th century.


Black & White vs Color: Food Photography

The black and white image versus the colored almost resembles a completely different type of cereal if the viewer did not have the colored image as a comparison. The blues in the colored photo “pop” and show the vibrant variation of colors within Fruity Pebbles cereal where in the black and white image, one could never tell.

Black & White vs Color: Nature Photography

Black & White vs Color: Nature Photography

I felt that difference between these two were astonishing. The vibrant green of the leaves and the subtle shades of light blue and lavender. In the black and white photo, the shadows and shading really focuses on the shape of the biggest leaf and the small flower’s delicate shape. This photo is extraordinary and conveys a strong message about the wonders of nature.




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