Theatrical Photography

Low lights, camera, action! What kind of pictures can one possibly take in a setting of such? Jeff Reeder, of Chalfont Pennsylvania, uses these three elements to create wonderful pictures known as theatrical photography. Although low lighting can be challenging, a skilled photographer needs to make certain adjustments and readjustments of camera settings and positions and be in the right place at the right opportune time. The performers already have their makeup on. Costumes and backdrops are coordinated with the theme, and their moves and emotions have already been planned and perfected. So it’s not part of Jeff’s plan to tell the actors to stop what they are doing, to get re-positioned and to act differently. So he works in low lights, his camera, and with plenty of action in front of him. Jeff really enjoys what he does.

The equipment he uses is the Canon 50D and his two lenses, a Canon 17-85mm EF IS and the Cannon 70-300mm EF IS. He usually use a tungsten color balance and an ISO of 800-1600.

Theatre and production work has always been an interest of mine and I thought I would share

Jeff Reeder’s theatrical photographs with you.

By pstarkey




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