Charlie Waite

blog 1Charlie Waite is now one of the leading landscape photographers in the world. He was born in 1949 and spent the first 10 years of his professional career working in British theater and television. While working in British theater he became fascinated with theatrical lighting and design and gradually the landscape and the way it can be revealed to us through light and shade stole him away from the acting profession.
Charlie Waite’s style is unique in that the way he photographs landscapes conveys a sense of calm and serenity. Because of these unique photographs and his approach, he has established a reputation world wide. He has lectured throughout the UK, US, and Europe. He’s held exhibitions all over the world including London, Tokyo, and California. Waite has given and continues to give tuition to amateur, professional and aspiring photographers of all ages from the UK, Australia, Europe and the US which he hugely enjoys. In early 2007 he was presented with Amateur Photography’s Power of Photography award, which is given to a photographer whose work is deemed to effectively demonstrate the powerful and memorable images of which photography is capable.
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Originally I was going to do my presentation on Charlie Waite but I couldn’t find much information on him other that what I’ve put here so I went with Joyce tenneson. I love his style of photography because you really do feel a sense of calm and serenity when you look at his photographs. It’s such a unique style of photography. Landscape photography is something I really love and his particular style really grabbed my 4

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Check out his website and gallery here:



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