Disposable cameras are a convenient way to take photographs at a cheap price. They serve the purpose of taking a certain amount of pictures for a singular time. The one-time-use cameras are typically used in situations when it is inconvenient or dangerous to have an expensive camera around. Most use a fixed-focus-lens and have flash.

A company called Photo-Pac produced a cardboard camera beginning in 1949 which shot 8 exposures and which was mailed-in for processing. It cost $1.29 and was an inexpensive way to shoot photos. The currently familiar disposable camera was developed by Fujifilm in 1986. Their Utsurun-Desu or QuickSnap line used 35 mm film, while Eastman Kodak’s 1987 Fling was based on 110 film Kodak released a 35 mm version in 1988, and in 1989 renamed the 35 mm version the FunSaver and discontinued the 110 Fling.

Disposable cameras have many uses. Today they are used as wedding favors, tourism, under-water photography, and “accident kit cameras.” They are also used by some photographers for artistic purposes because of the cameras simplistic shooting methods.

Disposable cameras have become a relic in the world of photography. I have not personality used one in probably 10 years. I like many others have replaced the disposable cameras with the camera built into my phone, but I still think of disposable cameras when I think of first taking pictures.




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